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Costs of Owning a Dog


The following chart is from
Basic Costs of Owning a Dog
Type of Expense Yearly Cost
Food and Treats $250 - $700
Toys $25 - $150
Beds $50 - $200
Leashes and Collars $20 - $50
Grooming $30 - $500
Routine Veteranery Care $500 - $1000
Preventative Medications and Supplements $100 - $300
Training Classes or Resources $25 - $300
Pet Sitters and Boarding $100 - $300
Total Yearly Cost Range $1100 - $3500
Monthly Cost Range $90 - $290


When I first saw this chart I was astounded.

The basic math of a dog that lives to be 12 years old at $1100 a year and suddenly you are at 13,200. It is an eye opening number especially when you consider that this does not even touch the cost of the dog. Most importantly it does not address the emergency vet visit or the chronic illness that a dog may develop.

Over the years, Dan and I have noticed the increase in puppy inquiries from people who have lost their last Golden due to health problems that lasted for years. Not only did the health problems cost thousands of dollars but they cost the dog in the quality of life.

What can you do to keep the costs reasonable?


The most important thing that buyers can do to minimize their dog ownership costs is to find a puppy that comes from healthy parents and healthy grandparents. Like in people, there is a huge genetic component to health. It is stacking the deck in your favor when you purchase a puppy with long lived healthy parents. Buying a cheap dog might save you a few hundred dollars at the time of purchase but could cost you thousands of dollars in the long run.


2. Feed your dog a quality dog food. We are what we eat and that is true for dogs too.


Protection from the elements. For Goldens, heat is a bigger factor that cold. Heat stroke can easily kill even a healthy dog.Living on cement, while easy to clean, can chill a dog in the winter and can accelerate arthritis in their joints. Provide a bed off of the cement if you use a kennel. Another element to this is running free. While it might seem like the dog enjoys the freedom of being outside without a fence, the risk of being hit by a car, getting into garbage or poison, or becoming lost is great.


4.Protection from parasites. Again, the cost of prevention is a fraction of the cure. Heart-worm, flea, and tick prevention (Lyme disease) is well worth it.