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For important information about our breeding program and how we raise our puppies please spend a few minutes looking over the pages under the Adoption Tab above. Feel free to call or email if you have questions about a litter or the availability of a puppy.

Our PUPPY APPLICATION page is NOT currently forwarding any information but we are working on it.

In the meantime, please send all inquires via plain old email and include your basic information on you (name, address, phone) and your living situation (home owner, renter, kids, other pets). Please let us know what you plan on doing with this pup (hunt, obedience, rally, pet, therapy). There is no commitment with an inquiry but it gives us some basic information about you and your family.

Email Dan

Call or text 715-529-9001


Puppy pictures are posted about once a week on our Facebook page. Feel free to follow us there for the most recent updates.


2019 breeding plans start with:

FC Thistle Rocks Red Ike MH QA2 WCX X MapleHills Whiskey Girl

Pedigree: Puppy



TBD X MapleHills A Penny For Your Thoughts

We are currently working on stud choices for this litter.




The purchase price includes AKC and Microchip registration costs.

Pet Health Insurance is not provided but we STRONGLY encourage you to provide health insurance for your pup.


If you would like more information after checking out the Adoption page please contact Dan.

Email Dan

Call or text 715-529-9001