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Performance, Hunting and Companion Golden Retrievers



Adoption Info


General Information

This area outlines the purchase process and how we raise our puppies.



Please read to understand what we are trying to accomplish with our breeding program.


Pro's and Cons

While owning a Golden seems like the obvious choice for us - this is not the breed for everyone.



Owning a dog costs more each than many people realize. Take a few moments to review some average costs.



Please take a moment to review the puppy purchase contract.



We no longer have an application page but request all potential puppy families start the process with an email to Leslie at Please include the following information

1. Name and address and phone numbers of all owners

2. Family situation, members and any special issues

3. Living arrangements - rent, own, yard, permission for a 70 pound dog.

4. Plans for your dog - pet, hunting, competition - and how you will get there.

5. Any other pets in the home.

6. Which litter and gender are you interested in.


Please be sure to write as much as you like. There is no commitment with an inquiry but it will give us basic information about you and is a great starting point in the conversation about a MHK puppy.


Payment Page

This is for AFTER you have been approved for a puppy.