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CBD producst have grown in popularity in the recent years. With our canine athletes we have found tremendous value by adding CBD products to their care. CBD reduces inflamation in all areas of the body so it is helpful for a number of ailments but also for the general aches that come about from hard training. Swollen muscles hurt!

After looking at a number of products we eventually decided to grow our own CBD product right here at MapleHills. A former dairy farm has all the elements needed for a great product. No fertilizers, other than natural, have been used on our fields for 60 years. We researched seed producers and found one in Colorado that had low THC consistently in their product lines. We then selected a processing facility that uses the least amount of processing needed to distill the CBD from the plant. Consistent with this attention to quality we have selected only organic oils to use as a base. No flavors or artifical ingredients are used in any of our receipes. While the flavor might not be naturally attractive to dogs, we have found that the small amount added to a dog's food does not affect their desire for the food at all.

Due to the natual anti inflammatory properties of CBD it has been found to be effective for pain, arthritis, digestive and bowel problems, and allergies. Unrelated to the anti inflammatory properties of CBD, it has been found to be helpful to reduce anxiety and seizures.

We hope you and your dog enjoy the benefits of MHK CBD as much as our dogs do.

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For your pet


We offer CBD oil supplements of 1000 mg/oz, 500 mg/oz, and 300 mg/oz with base of organic coconut oil. Each one ounce bottle comes with a dropper with 1 and 2 ml markings for ease of dispensing.

Follow this link to purchase CBD products for your dog:



Additional products will soon be joining our line up so please check back often for human grade CBD, CBD lotion, and CBD dog treats. All made with genuine MHK CBD.