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Billy is a 5 month old pup that we kept back from our Hoops X Splash litter. He had one eye lid that wanted to roll into his eye and it needed to be corrected. Billy has had the proceedure and the opthamologist is happy that the eye lid is staying in place and not rolling inward any longer. He still has 2 sutures in place to help remind the lid to stay in place and they will fall out on their own eventually. The sutures do cause a little extra tearing on the eye and that is normal and will clear up once the sutures fall out.

Billy is a sweet boy with a mild and easy going disposition. He is exceptionally calm for a 5 month old. He is housebroken, crate trained and has a good recall for a 5 month old. He needs help to remember the sit command. He has good house manners and and knows to stay off the furniture. He respects the leash and rides well in the car.

Billy loves children, cats, and other dogs. He plays well with all of them. He sits extremely well to be petted and has been exceptional with the vet and his staff as we have worked thru this eye issue. All of the staff at the clinic LOVE him.

$2300 includes AKC registration with the name of your choice and AKC Reunite microchip

Here is the link to his exceptional pedigree: Billy





We generally hold back a puppy from every litter. We like to see how they develop physically, mentally and in the field. It helps us guage how our breeding program is working and to make future breeding plans. While we would like to keep them all forever, it is in a puppy's best interest to move on to be a full time house dog and/or hunting partner as soon as possible.

All started dogs have been through our training program many are titled. They are current on shots, micro-chipped and may have had their OFA clearances.

We also occasionally have a retired female from our breeding program.